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Spine Health

Atlanta SpineMany people don't realize that there is such as thing as spine health and they can disregard early warning signs like minor back pain, neck pain, or headaches as a minor annoyance.  The truth is that your spine is literally the center of your body and if your center is off, the rest of your body and health will be off too. 

Steps towards Spine Health

Chiropractic Care

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The first step to spine health, especially if you are experiencing any back pain, neck pain, or headache is to visit an Atlanta chiropractor like Dr. Senft for an exam and a chiropractic adjustment. Adjustments from chiropractors realign your spine and the surrounding bones and muscles to the way that nature intended so that you can be pain free and enjoy life.

Pain Management

If you suffer from a chronic condition, the next step to spine health is to develop a pain management plan with your Atlanta chiropractor.  Your pain management plan can involve chiropractic exercises and stretches, nutritional advice, stress management techniques, and a postural and office environment evaluation to eliminate possible irritants.


Atlanta pain managementExercise is a key element of living a healthy lifestyle and in turn, a healthy spine. Exercise programs such as Pilates and Yoga promote these ideals by elongating the spine and building strong muscles in the core of your body, which is your mid section. However, physical activity of any kind can be beneficial, whether that be bike riding, walking, or playing sports.*

Diet & Nutrition

chiropractor in atlantaAnother important factor in maintaining a healthy spine is your diet.  In this age of information, you see diet fads come and go with amazing speed and questionable results.  The best rule to follow is to make sure you are eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains and drinking lots of water.  Water helps to flush toxins from your system and can help prevent early signs of aging.  Avoiding foods with high amounts of sodium, refined sugar, and fats can be difficult, but you will feel the results in your level of energy and increased focus if you are successful.

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*It is important that you consult your chiropractor or other qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program or exercise program.