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Posted on 01-31-2017

Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Atlanta

carpal tunnel

One of the problems that many workers face is injuries they receive from repetitive motion. Clearly, people’s bodies are not designed to sit in one position in front of a desk for 8 or more hours, staring at a screen and typing. That’s a common source of carpal tunnel syndrome, to be sure, but you can also get this injury outside of the office environment, such as while working on cars at a mechanics shop.

If you have been diagnosed with a repetitive stress injury, you’ll want to arrange for carpal tunnel treatment in Atlanta at your preferred chiropractic professional.

Chiropractic Help for People with Carpal Tunnel

Many patients who have been told they have carpal tunnel would prefer to avoid a surgical solution, prompting them to find a reputable chiropractor for treatment. We are known for the high level of chiropractic service that we provide to patients in Atlanta who are suffering from repetitive strain disorders.

The chiropractor will sit down and consult with you first before any treatment begins. You’ll discuss your lifestyle, what you do for work and your level of activity before carpal tunnel syndrome took effect.

Chiropractors use massage therapy to treat symptoms of carpal tunnel, minimizing pressure on the median nerve that has become compressed to the point where it causes numbness and pain.

Your chiropractor may perform a spinal alignment as well, because a misaligned spine can further contribute to discomfort associated with carpal tunnel. Ultrasound therapy is another protocol that we apply in carpal tunnel treatments, using high-energy sound waves to lower the level of inflammation as well as reducing pain and helping your muscles relax.

Contact Your Chiropractor in Atlanta for a Carpal Tunnel Treatment Consultation Today!

If you are suffering from discomfort such as pain, tingling or numbness from carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s time for you to come in for medical assistance and get back on the road to health. For more information about treating carpal tunnel or to set an appointment for a consultation, please contact the professionals at Senft Chiropractic of Atlanta today.

When did you first notice that you have carpal tunnel syndrome? Our staff and your fellow patients would like to know, so please tell us in the comments section below!

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